Add your personal interpretations of a word

Translations depend on the context. A word is not just a word, but a shorthand for what you know. Because of this, with Lexicum you can now personalise your dictionary. You can use this by adding both further interpretations to a new word, or notes that make it easier for you to remember the new word.

One way to do this is on the spot as you add new words. Try adding references to the time, people or place that led you to encounter each word. Put your own personal touch as you add new words and we guarantee that this will make it easier for you to memorise these.

Also, very commonly, with time you will think of new ways to interpret a word. It could be adding new meanings or documenting further encounters. It could also be notes about when not to use it, what are possible synonyms or antonyms. Anything that you might consider relevant.

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